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Add Virtual Machines (Private Domain)

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Background: Virtual Machines provide the runtime environment for Operating Systems and ultimately applications.  The CloudConnect Platform is built on top of VMware vSphere technology, which is served through VMware Cloud Director.  Virtual Machines will generally function for one of two purposes:

  • Runtime environment for Published Desktops (virtual desktops).  A Published Desktop is a digital workspace, which may be accessed from any device, and contains applications and access to files and back end network resources for users.  These operating systems are specially configured to provide users with connectivity to desktop applications, which run on the Published Desktop.  CloudConnect supports Microsoft Windows Server and Windows Desktop Operating Systems as the runtime environment or Published Desktops.
  • General Purpose Server Operating System.  CloudConnect supports Microsoft Windows, Linux, CentOS, Suse, and many other mainstream Linux distributions as guest operating systems on the CloudConnect Platform.  These General Purpose Server Virtual Machines can be networked with the runtime environments of Published Desktops, or can be exposed to the internet or remote campus networks using Cloud Director's Edge Gateway to provide database, file sharing, and/or other services to users.


  • To Create a Standalone Virtual Machine to function as a general purpose server (file sharing, domain controller, database or other back end service for a computer network), see: Create a Standalone Server