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Restore vApp from Backup (Restore to a New vApp)

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Background: Generally, you can use this procedure to test your restore point to make sure that they actually work (be sure to disconnect any Virtual Machines from the Network prior to Starting the vApp).  You can also use this procedure to create a copy of a Virtual Machine from a previous state.

Warning: It is generally not recommended to use this procedure, unless the original vApp was prematurely or inadvertently deleted.  If the original vApp still exists, it is recommended to use the Restore vApp from Backup (Restore to Original) procedure.  If you are using this procedure to copy or clone an existing vApp, and the existing virtual machines will coexist with this restored instance, then please be aware of the following considerations: 

  • You may need to customize the Guest OS of one of the virtual machines before allowing both Virtual Machines to be powered on simultaneously while connected to the same network.  For additional information see: Customize Guest OS
  • For example in a Windows domain the new Virtual Machine will need a unique DNS name, SID, and IP address, if the original Virtual Machine and restored Virtual Machine will be powered on simultaneously on the same network.
  • For additional information please contact CloudConnect technical support.


From the vCloud Director dashboard navigate to Data Protection

Select the Organization Virtual Datacenter that houses your vApp

Select "vApps" under the Copies section in the sidebar navigation

Select the vApp you'd like to restore. Click the context menu, and select "Show Backups".

Identify the date of the desired backup. Click the context menu, and select "Restore to New".

Give the new vApp a name and select 'Next' to continue.

Select all or some of the Virtual Machines in the vApp to restore and press 'Next' to continue.

Press 'Next' to continue 

Confirm start order for the objects in the vApp container, and click "Next".

Select to 'Restore Networks' and press 'Next' to continue.

Confirm the 'Network Connections' are plugged in for all NICs of each Virtual Machine and press 'Finish' to initiate the restore.

Ensure the task has started properly.

Congratulations you're done!

Applies to: All vApps in your CloudConnect environment.

Additional Notes: Due to a number of variables, the task might hang in the task list at around 10%. If this occurs, please note the time the restore was started, and allow the estimated time of completion (estimated time-to-completion for a vApp restore is about 1 hour per 100GB.) to progress before opening a support ticket.