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Virtual Datacenter Administrators (Private Domain)

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To create/authorize a domain user as an Virtual Datacenter Administrator for a specific Virtual Datacenter in VMware Cloud Director, use the following procedure.  This user will be able to login using Single Sign On (SAML/SSO) by way of the CloudConnect Authentication Service:

  • Locate the Domain Controller associated with the Virtual Datacenter for which you would like to grant the user administrator access.
  • If the user does not already have an account in this Active Directory Domain, create the account in Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Add the user to the vCloud Admins Security Group in Active Directory.  If the user is already a Domain Admin in this domain, the user will be granted the Virtual Datacenter Administrator Role automatically and does not need to be added to vCloud Admins Security Group.

Creating Virtual Datacenter administrators using Cloud Director Local Authentication (embedded directory) is not supported.  Additionally, the scope of access for a Virtual Datacenter Administrator is always limited to just one Virtual Datacenter.  To create an administrator to access all Virtual Datacenters, see Organization Administrators.

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