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Activate the Domain Controller for your New Domain (PrivateDomain)

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Background: This process outlines the steps required to promote a server recently deployed in a PrivateDomain environment to a domain controller.


Navigate to the server deployed in your PrivateDomain that you wish to designate as a domain controller. Open the Actions menu, and select "Insert Media"

Select the most recent version of the Domain Controller Configuration utility.

When the VM finishes booting, the local administrator password has been generated, and the DCConfig utility has been inserted, launch a web console to access the VM.

Use the local administrator password to log in to the VM.

Open the Server Manager, navigate to the Manage menu, and select the option "Add Roles and Features".

Navigate through the wizard, leaving the options as default until you reach Server Roles. Here, select the "Active Directory Domain Service" role and click Next.

In the Features section, select "Group Policy Management" and click Next.

Confirm the settings, and click Install.

When the installation is complete, select the option to "Promote this server to a domain controller".

In the AD Domain Services Configuration Wizard, select the option to "Add a new forest" and input the Domain Name of the domain you're working in.

Choose a Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) password. Keep note of this for your records.

Verify the NetBIOS name of this domain, generally you would select the Domain Name in ALL CAPS. example: ACME for acme.local

Navigate to the next section, and click "Install".

To complete installation, the server will have to reboot.

After reboot, open the Domain Controller Configuration utility. (Located in the virtual disk drive under This PC)

Provide credentials for the utility. NOTE: These credentials are your vCloud Director credentials, NOT your Local Administrator credentials!

Ensure the utility completes successfully.

Please remember to Eject the DomainControllerConfig media from the Virtual Machine once you are finished

Congratulations, you're done!

Applies to: CloudConnect PrivateDomain environments and Domain Controllers.