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Migrate Data to the Cloud (mspCloud)

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Background: Migrating data from a client's on-premise workstation or current cloud infrastructure can be done easily depending on the client's need. To migrate data from another cloud platform, a VPN tunnel should be established following the process outlined in this documentation article. This process will work for both the mspCloud as well as the PrivateDomain in a CloudConnect environment. Additionally, this process can be executed for an on-premise environment as well.

An alternative method of migrating data from a user's local workstation to their CloudConnect Virtual Machine is to use File Access, a capability enabled through Citrix. The process below outlines the steps required to properly initiate this migration method.


Navigate to the Citrix Workstation you'd like to migrate data to

Click the Dropdown for the Citrix menu and select "Preferences"

Process: Under the File Access tab, select "Read and Write"

Navigate to the File Browser

Under "This PC", you should now be able to navigate to the drives of the local machine.

Lastly, simply move data from the local workstation to the Virtual Machine.

Applies to: Virtual Machines in a CloudConnect environment that utilize Citrix, and have File Sharing enabled.

Additional Notes: CloudConnect Partners do have the ability to restrict this capability for their end users.