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Integrated Quotation Management and Provisioning (IQMAP), is a guided web application for resellers. IQMAP sits atop the CloudConnect platform, bridging the gap between sales opportunities and deployment. IQMAP allows partners to:

  • Perform dynamic cost-benefit analysis for the End User
  • Accurately price the solution using a markup specified by the Reseller
  • Transparently disclose projected margins
  • Generate End User facing marketing materials and proposals speaking to specific pain points
  • Provide a vehicle for contract and markup changes
  • Blueprint your client's cloud infrastructure and convey the value of a superior technology solution

IQMAP assists in the creation of an in-depth blueprint and configuration. This configuration is then concisely translated into easily digestible information for the end user. This includes graphics, SKU breakdowns, storage policy options, and targeted pain-point messaging to help the prospect understand precisely what the organization's technological limitations are, and how to overcome them.