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mspCloud vs. Private Domain

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Background: CloudConnect offers two models of domain management systems. One is called mspCloud - which enables organizations to manage multi tenant environments with one domain with all security concerns in mind. The other is Private Domain which is your traditional domain suited for one end user organization at a time.


The CloudConnect mspCloud is an extensive platform designed for IT professionals to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure, virtual desktops, and disaster recovery from a single management console. As the basis of a managed services model, the mspCloud allows partners to access user groups, virtual machines, and infrastructure clusters remotely via single sign-on. Deploy VMs and provision user accounts all from within your mspCloud.

CloudConnect manages datacenters, hardware, security, backup, and licensing, and provides CloudConnect partners and their techs the resources to serve their clients' needs. Consolidated monthly billing allows for simple monitoring and adjustment of a client's usage from month to month. Decrease administrative expenses and leverage tech hours with an effective managed services model.

The mspCloud is a centralized management domain, allowing you and your techs the ability to provision and manage all your user groups within one portal. Single sign-on simplifies the process of accessing each user group for the purpose of installing applications and provisioning users. The mspCloud is generally recommended for user groups with less than 30 users.

Private Domain

Users gain the advantages of an isolated private cloud, at a fraction of the cost. An isolated domain enhances security and increases flexibility. There is no hardware to purchase, deploy, or maintain. This solution typically leads to tremendous cost advantages over a traditional private cloud. In addition, you may opt to deploy CloudConnect's Enterprise Policy, providing a robust and comprehensive disaster recovery solution. Maintain an isolated Active Directory and fully customize an environment, without the expense of deploying and maintaining a private cloud.

Suitable for organizations with an existing domain controller, CloudConnect's Private Domain provides IT professionals the ability to migrate an existing Active Directory and to manage an isolated network. A private domain is deployed separately from a partner's mspCloud, allowing for the increased isolation of a separate domain. A Private Domain is often utilized when a domain controller is already in-place or when an environment requires a high level of customization.

CloudConnect's Private Domain architecture isolates your client to a dedicated private domain. A private domain has its own Active Directory, a seperate login, and retains maximum flexibilty as a result. This architecture is suitable for larger environments, typically ranging between 30 and 500 users.

Process: To change a Blueprint's deployment type to either mspCloud or Private Domain, open the Blueprint and click on the desired model in the 'Deployment Type' control.

Applies to: CloudConnect Partners