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Tracking an Opportunity

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Background: This page provides more insight into how tracking an opportunity is handled on our Integrated Quotation Management and Automated Provisioning (IQMAP) tool.  Specifically, you can use the stage of the opportunity to track it's progress in the sales cycle.

Process: The stage of any given opportunity can be easily identified from the opportunity's tile on the opportunity dashboard.

To modify the current stage of any given opportunity, click the 'Details' button on its tile.

After opening the opportunity's details, select the stage which most accurately depicts the opportunity's current status in the sales cycle.

Click 'Save' to commit changes.

The opportunity's stage will now reflect the appropriate value.

Additional information: An opportunity's stage may be automatically updated after certain tasks have been completed on IQMAP. Currently, these are limited to proposal generation; at the time an initial proposal is generated, the opportunity's stage will be set to 'Proposal Created.' Subsequent proposals generated will updated the opportunity's stage to 'Negotiation/Review.' For information on generating a proposal for an opportunity, see: Proposals.

Applies to: CloudConnect partners