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Revert (rollback) to a Virtual Machine Snapshot

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Background: When applying changes to a virtual machine, having a snapshot available to fall back to significantly eliminates the risk of extended downtime. If the changes applied to the virtual machine were unsuccessful, the virtual machine can simply be rolled back to the point when the snapshot was taken. The process below outlines how to revert to a virtual machine snapshot.

Note: When reverting to a Virtual Machine Snapshot, the current state of the virtual machine will be permanently discarded.  This means any changes made to the virtual machine configuration and/or any files in the Guest Operating System that were created or modified after the Virtual Machine Snapshot was created will be permanently lost.  If you inadvertently revert to a snapshot, and the snapshot was created prior to the most recent backup of the virtual machine, you may be able to recover changes made to the virtual machine after the snapshot was created by restoring from backup.  For Additional information, see: Restore Virtual Machine Data.


Navigate to the virtual machine that you wish to revert to snapshot. Under the "Actions" submenu, select "Revert to Snapshot".

Confirm you'd like to Revert to Snapshot.

This process can be monitored in the task list at the bottom of your browser.

Ensure the task succeeded without issue.

Congratulations, you're done!

Applies to: All vCloud Director Virtual Machines.

Additional Notes: If you're receiving an error removing a snapshot, please reach out to CloudConnect support.