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Restore Virtual Machines from Backup

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Background:  Entire Virtual Machines may be restored from backup.  When restoring a Virtual Machine from backup, the virtual machine configuration (virtual hardware settings), networking, metadata, and Guest Operating System are restored.  Virtual Machines may be restored to their original object, which requires the original Virtual Machine exists and be in a Powered Off state.  Virtual Machines may also be restored to a New Virtual Machine object if (1) the original virtual machine no longer exists, (2) to test a virtual machine backup/demonstrate recoverability, or (3) create a clone/copy of the virtual machine from a prior state.


If the original virtual machine exists, and you would like to overwrite the original Virtual Machine during the restore, use the following procedure.  You may also use this procedure is if the Virtual Machine's file system has become corrupt, or the Virtual Machine Powers On but the Guest Operating System will not boot:

If the Virtual Machine was inadvertently or prematurely deleted from vCloud Director you will need to restore the Virtual Machine to a new object or to a new location:

Applies to: Cloud Director Virtual Machines except Edge Gateway Virtual Machines.

Additional Notes: If the vApp (the Virtual Machine container) was deleted along with the VM, or if the VM's vApp no longer exist:  Please follow the Restore vApp From Backup procedure.