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Restore Virtual Machine Data

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The Restore Process is self-service and delegated to vCloud Administrators with the Organization Administrator role.  This approach ensures rapid restoration of customer data, by removing the added step of relaying the request to the Cloud Provider.  All restore processes may be initiated from the vCloud Director control panel.  This Section explains the Restore Process in-depth.

  • To quickly restore recently deleted/corrupted files and folders in a Windows virtual machine, it is a good idea to first check if they are recoverable through Shadow Copies. To do this, see Restore Files from Shadow Copies.

For situations where Shadow Copies are not available (including Linux workloads), CloudConnect has partnered with Dell Technologies to provide Organization Administrators with access to the Avamar Data Protection Extension (DPE) for vCloud Director.  EMC Avamar is one of the industry’s most mature and trusted data protection platforms for Enterprise IT workloads.  In this section, we will cover how to restore Virtual Machine Data from backup using the following supported methods:

The estimated restore time for a virtual machine depends on the size of a virtual machine disk(s) associated with the original virtual machine being restored.  The table below gives you an approximation of the restore time:

Virtual Machine Size (GB)Approximate Restore Time
3201h 36m
6403h 12m
12806h 24m