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Restore Files from Shadow Copies

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Background: In addition to a Data Restore through CloudConnect, another option for data retention and retrieval is configuring Shadow Copies. Shadow Copies must be configured before any files can be restored from them, however. This article will outline how to restore from previously configured Shadow Copies.  If Shadow Copies are not enabled, or the file is not available in shadow copies see: Restore Files from Backup

Process: Restoring Shadow Copies for a virtual machine is the same process as it would be for any other machine. Firstly, log in to the virtual desktop with an Administrator account.

Navigate to the file or folder you'd like to restore. Right click, and select "Restore previous versions"

Select the date and time of the previous version you'd like to restore. To confirm this is the correct file, select "open" and identify the files are correct.

When confirmed, select "Restore" to initiate the Shadow Copy restore.

Confirm the restore.

Ensure the restore completes successfully.

Congratulations, you're done!

Applies to: Windows Server Emulated 2012 / 2016 / 2019