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Background: IQMAP enables the streamlined generation of a client-facing cloud proposal, with various options to customize the contract as desired and appeal to a client's specific needs.

As prerequisites, the user must have accurate information set in their account settings and have successfully registered an opportunity. See Configure IQMAP Settings and Registering an Opportunity.


To begin, navigate to the Opportunities dashboard. Click the "Proposals" button on the relevant opportunity's tile, and click "New Proposal."

From this point, a number of options appear with which the user can customize their proposal.

Up to three pain points can be selected from the "Server Solutions," "Remote Desktop Solutions," and "Citrix Solutions" columns. Selecting pain points pertinent to your clients' needs will result in a more attractive proposal, as this will modify the "Diagnosis" and "Advantages" pages with text that explicitly speaks toward the issues your potential client may be facing, and how a CloudConnect solution will solve them.

Using the "Pages" column, pages can be enabled/disabled or reordered as desired.

Any options below these columns can be used to customize the contract as desired.

After clicking the 'GENERATE PROPOSAL' button, a PDF of the desired document will automatically attempt to download in your browser, and a preview will be displayed.

Applies to: CloudConnect Partners

Additional Notes: Citrix pain points will not display unless the opportunity's blueprint includes a Citrix virtual machine.