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Profit Policies

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Background: Profit Policies allow you to control the profit margin priced into a CloudConnect product or service. They represent the difference in cost between what is presented to a customer, and what you pay as a reseller.

For information on assigning a Profit Policy to an opportunity, see Registering an Opportunity.


First navigate to the "Profit Policies" dashboard. To create a new Profit Policy, click on the "New Profit Policy" tile. To modify an existing Profit Policy, click the "Edit" button on the according tile.

From here, the user may create or edit a Profit Policy.

Name: The name for this Profit Policy. This is what it will be displayed as on the Profit Policy dashboard, or when selecting a Profit Policy for an opportunity.

MUP/GPP: Profit Policies offer two different methods of calculation; Markup Percent and Gross Profit Percent. The two formulas for these are as follows:

MUP: (Revenue - Cost) / Cost * 100

GPP: (Revenue - Cost) / Revenue * 100

A $10 product being resold at $20 would reflect either 100% MUP or 50% GPP.

Default Markup/Gross Profit Percent: The percentage entered here will apply to all products that the user does not specify explicit values for.

Override Default: By enabling this checkbox next to any given product, a specific value may be entered for that product to be used instead of the Default Markup/Gross Profit Percent.

Applies to: CloudConnect Partners

Additional Notes: Editing an existing Profit Policy will recalculate the costs of any opportunity that it is assigned to according with the changes made.