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Point the On-Premise Workstation DNS IP to Cloud Domain Controller

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Background: To ensure a seamless transition to the Cloud DC, all on-premise workstations must point to the Cloud DC as their DNS server. As a prerequisite, the Cloud DC must have been deployed and activated (see: Activate the Domain Controller for your Extended Environment (PrivateDomain)).


1.) Open the Network and Sharing Center on the workstation, and select 'Change adapter settings.'

2.) Right click the network adapter, and select 'Properties.'

3.) Select 'Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)' and click 'Properties.'

4.) Ensure 'Use the following DNS server addresses' is selected, and set the DNS servers to the Cloud DC's IP address. Click 'OK' and save changes.

At this point, users should be able to authenticate through the Cloud DC using their already existing domain accounts. For the next step in the decommissioning the on-premise domain controller, see: Verify FSMO Roles are Transferred

Applies to: CloudConnect partners