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Install Microsoft Office Volume License for SPLA

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Background: All Published Desktops deployed on CloudConnect are pre-configured with Microsoft Office Volume License for SPLA.  Our most recent template as of the date this article was published includes Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus.  This article is written with Office 2019 in mind, and as Microsoft no longer supports the MSI installer we have created a tool to automate this installation using the Click-To-Run utility.

Typically, you would follow this article if you are either changing from Office Pro Plus 2019 to Office Standard 2019, or vice-versa.  However, you may follow this article in the event you are moving away from Office 365 and wish to switch back to SPLA licensing provided by CloudConnect.

Additional Note:  In order to complete this procedure, you will need administrator access to VMware Cloud Director, Domain Administrator Rights to the Windows Operating System running on the virtual machine hosting the Published Desktops.  Server 2019 at a minimum is required.

Process:  Prior to beginning this process, it is recommended that you Create a Quiesced Snapshot of the Virtual Machine into which you will be installing Office 365.  For instructions on creating a snapshot, see: Using Virtual Machine Snapshots.

Uninstall your current version of Office installed on the Virtual Machine

When the uninstallation has finished you can proceed with the next steps

Navigate to vCloud Director and find the Virtual Machine in question.  Open the 'Actions' drop-down menu and select 'Insert Media'

Search for our utility OfficeStandardConfig/OfficeProPlusConfig (pick the version you wish to install) and insert the ISO to the Virtual Machine

Note: The search query used to find these easily is "office*config"

Run the Configuration Utility as Administrator

Press 'OK' past the welcome screen once you are ready to install

Note: Only Windows Server 2019 is supported

The Configuration Utility will automatically download the required files, and install the product for you.  Once you see this completion message you have finished!

Please remember to eject the configuration utility media from the Virtual Machine once you are finished.

Applies To: Office Standard & Pro Plus 2019.  Microsoft Windows Published Desktops running a minimum of Server 2019 on the CloudConnect Platform.