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Install Microsoft Applications on Citrix or RDS Servers

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Background: CloudConnect provides access to, and facilitates the installation and licensing of qualifying Microsoft Products on the CloudConnect Platform.

Except for qualifying Office 365 Products, all Microsoft Software that is installed on Virtual Machines running on the CloudConnect Platform must be licensed through Microsoft SPLA.  CloudConnect automatically scans Customer environments for Microsoft Software products, and then allocates SPLA licenses based on Microsoft SPLA requirements.  Customers are then automatically billed for the SPLA usage each month by CloudConnect.  Customers will be charged for SPLA usage regardless of the installation source.  Retail-purchased perpetual Microsoft licenses may not be transferred to CloudConnect Virtual Machines.

Qualifying Office 365 Products: Customers may install their own Office 365 ProPlus and all Office 365 suites that include Office 365 ProPlus (including E3 and E5), Windows 10 Enterprise E3 VDA, Project Online Professional, and Visio Pro for Office 365 into the CloudConnect environment, provided customer has sufficient user licenses for these products. In order to use this benefit, Customer must provide CloudConnect with their current Office 365/Azure Tenant ID. Please note that Office 365 Business and Business Premium are not eligible for this license mobility use benefit. All other Microsoft software products to be installed in Customer's CloudConnect environment require SPLA licenses that must be purchased and maintained through CloudConnect under the Microsoft SPLA Program, regardless of how the software installation media was acquired. For third party (non-Microsoft) applications, contact your third party software vendor to determine the required licenses and licensing model for those third party applications run installed in a Cloud environment. Microsoft SQL Sever Core licensing model is subject to a minimum of 4 core licenses per operating system environment, regardless of the number of cores assigned to the virtual machine. Windows 10 Enterprise VDA & Microsoft Office 365 licensing is not included in this proposal and must be purchased from Micosoft or your Microsoft CSP.

Customers may also opt to install Microsoft Products from the the CloudConnect Catalog, and leverage the month-to-month flexibility of SPLA licensing through CloudConnect.  In this scenario, the software is automatically activated when installed on the CloudConnect Platform, and CloudConnect automatically and passively allocates and tallies license usage, which is included in the monthly billing report.

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