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Extend an Existing Hard Disk

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Background: After Virtual Machines have been deployed on CloudConnect there may come a time wherein the previously allocated storage on the Virtual Machine's hard disk is no longer sufficient.  Luckily it is a very simple process to extend the Virtual Machines hard disk on CloudConnect.  With vCloud Director CloudConnect partners have the ability to manage their Virtual Machines hardware configuration very easily.

Process: Prior to beginning this process, it is recommended that you Create a Quiesced Snapshot of the Virtual Machine into which you will be installing Office 365.  For instructions on creating a snapshot, see: Using Virtual Machine Snapshots.

Click on the 'Details' button for the Virtual Machine in question

Expand the 'Hardware' section and navigate to the Hard Disks. Click Edit.

Input the size you wish the hard disk to be in Gigabytes. Press Save to finish.

Note: You cannot shrink a virtual hard drive. Keep this in mind as you lay out this virtual machine's resources.

Tip: If you need space for a temporary purpose, consider adding a separate (temp) hard disk.  This way you can delete the disk and stop incurring storage charges once the temporary need is satisfied.

Sign into the Virtual Machine as a Domain Administrator and run 'diskmgmt.msc'

Right-Click the drive you wish to expand adjacent to the unallocated space and 'Extend Volume...'

Select all of the available space and press Next to finish expanding your hard disk

You should see the drive utilizing all of the available space.  Congratulations you are finished!

Applies to: Virtual Machines on CloudConnect

Additional Notes:  Once extended, a virtual machine disk may not be reduced in size.  For short-term storage needs, we recommend you Add a New Disk to an Existing Virtual Machine to use for the short term storage, and then delete the disk once the temporary storage is no longer required.