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End User Guide

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Background: This section will outline resources for end users. End users can connect to the CloudConnect platform through a variety of means. Generally, an end user will connect to their Citrix virtual desktop via the Citrix Workspace app, but there are alternatives as well.

CloudConnect meets the needs of nearly every client's infrastructure environment - if an organization chooses not to use Citrix, they can still take full advantage of the CloudConnect solution via VPN tunnel, or RDP gateway set up by the CloudConnect partner.

Likewise, the CloudConnect platform accommodates most peripheral devices. Setup and management of these devices is usually plug-and-play with CloudConnect's DesktopConfig utility. 


For most mainstream devices, connecting to a Desktop via Citrix is done through the Citrix Workspace app.  Instructions for each mainstream operating system are below:

For situations where the end user is unable to use Citrix Workspace such as connecting from a public computer, the HTML Client (light version) will render the user's desktop in a pop up web browser.  This is also a useful workaround if the user is having trouble with Citrix Workspace App. However, operating through the web client does not offer the full Citrix experience, and printing along with other features will be unavailable.

Applies to: Any end user looking to connect through Citrix, or to set up any peripheral devices while using Citrix. For RDP Gateway guidelines, click here. To learn more about VPN setup on the CloudConnect platform, click here.