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Deploy an mspCloud Domain

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Background: Generally, an mspCloud Domain will be deployed for a new partner by default. This mspCloud domain, and subsequentially it's Domain Controller, will act as an authentication platform for the CloudConnect partner. However, for partners that have allocated a significant number of clients to their original mspCloud environment, the provisioning of an additional multi-tenant virtual data center would prove beneficial for additional smaller clients.

Process: If you are not currently a CloudConnect partner, but are interested in deploying an mspCloud Domain on the CloudConnect platform, click here to get started.

There are multiple utilities in development by CloudConnect. A self-service backup restore portal, as well as automated provisioning tools through IQMAP are priority road map items. However, currently the best way to have an additional mspCloud Domain deployed is to reach out to a CloudConnect representative. Correspondence from your Technical Account Manager should have provided you with direct contact info. If you don't have any direct contact info, please contact us or email

Applies to: CloudConnect resellers and potential Cloudconnect Partners