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Demote and Remove the On-Premise Domain Controller

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Background: The final step to migrating an existing Active Directory Domain to the CloudConnect platform is the demotion and removal of the on-premise or preexisting Domain Controller. Before performing this procedure, ensure that the On-Premise workstation DNS points to the Cloud Domain Controller (see: Point the On-Premise Workstation DNS IP to Cloud Domain Controller) and that FSMO roles have been transferred to the Cloud Domain Controller (see: Verify FSMO Roles are Transferred).


1.) Login to the on-premise DC as an administrator.

2.) Open Server Manager, and navigate to 'Remove Roles and Features' in the 'Manage' menu.
3.) Click 'Next,' ensure that the proper server is selected, and click 'Next' again.

4.) Uncheck 'Active Directory Domain Services', and click 'Next' until reaching the 'Confirmation' screen.

5.) Confirm the removal of Active Directory Domain Services.

Applies to: CloudConnect partners