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Create an OrgVdc Network in the PrivateDomain

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Background: After your PrivateDomain OrganizationVDC has been stood up, you will see it enumerate in vCloud Director under the datacenters view.  The first thing that you will need to do is create an OrganizationVDC Network.  You'll notice that there is already a network called "CloudConnect".  This network is used for back-end Citrix services to function properly.  Most often we will be using 'Routed' networks which are a type of network that allows network connectivity outside of the VDC via an Edge Gateway.  


First navigate to the 'Networks' view and click 'Add'

Next select a 'Routed' network and continue

Give the network a name and provide the Gateway address using CIDR notation

Next select the EdgeGateway to route this network through

Create a pool of Static IPs that this network can utilize when adding new Virtual Machines to the network

Provide the Primary DNS and DNS suffix.

Note: Typically the Primary DNS will be the Domain Controller of the PrivateDomain, and the DNS suffix will match accordingly.  Often the Domain Controller has not yet been deployed when creating these networks, so be sure to take note of these values.

Finally press Finish to complete the creation of the OrganizationVDC Network!

Next Step: Configure the Private Domain Environment

Applies To: PrivateDomains accessed through vCloud Director on CloudConnect

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