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Create an OrgVdc Network

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Log in to your vCloud Director instance using an administrator account.


Choose the domain that you would like to deploy a new Virtual Machine on. In this instance, we are selecting the PrivateDomain "demo2.local"

If you plan on utilizing this standalone server as a front facing web server we recommend placing it in a DMZ network.  To do so follow the following steps, if you do not need to create a DMZ network you can skip to Step 6.

Choose 'Routed' to route this Organization VDC network through an Edge Gateway.  This will allow you to leverage the Edge Gateway's public IP address.

Give the DMZ Network any name, and provide the desired Gateway's IP address in CIDR notation.

Next choose the Edge Gateway in which to route this Organization VDC network through.

Next we will pre-allocate some IP addresses for the Static IP Pool of this Organization VDC network.  If you only intend on having one server on this network you can simply specify one address as shown below.

Next supply the Organization VDC network with your desired DNS settings.  For this example we are using Cloudflare's public DNS.