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Create a Standalone Server

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Background: This article will detail how to deploy a Standalone Server on CloudConnect. To deploy a Standalone this way, you will need to know which Organization VDC network you wish to connect to in either a PrivateDomain or an mspCloud architecture. CloudConnect provides templates to simplify the deployment.  If you are deploying a standalone server for web services, consider setting up a DMZ Network by deploying the Standalone Server on it's own OrgVdc Network.


Step 1: Navigate to the Virtual Machines view and click 'New VM'

Select 'From Template' and select Windows Server 2019 Standalone from our Templates catalog.  Provide the required information to continue

Once you initiate the deployment you should see the Virtual Machine being created

Next go into the 'Details' tab of the Virtual Machine and ensure the 'Guest OS Customization' settings match as shown below

Finally, Power On and Force Recustomization and after Sysprep the deployment will be complete!

Applies to: Windows Server Standalone deployments

Additional Notes: 

Standalone Servers are often used as front facing web servers.  Please see DMZ Considerations for more information on placing servers on a DMZ network.  Some additional information that may prove useful for port forwarding can be found here: Forwarding a TCP or UDP port from the Public Internet to the Internal Network