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Change Storage Policy

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Background: CloudConnect charges for storage based on storage policy. Unlike other cloud providers, CloudConnect's pricing is inclusive of backups associated with storage policy, snapshots, replication, ingress/egress, etc.  These storage policies allow for either granular file recovery, or a full virtual machine restore for up to 10 weeks prior. The process below outlines how to change the storage policy of your virtual machine.


Navigate to the virtual machine that you wish to make changes to. Click "Details".

Under the "General" tab, navigate to "Storage Policy". From here, you can configure the storage policy of this virtual machine.

Navigate to the "Hardware" tab, and navigate to "Policy" under "Hard Disks". Ensure that this policy matches the policy selected above. Otherwise, this process will fail.

Make sure to save your changes.

Confirm the task completed successfully in the task monitor at the bottom of your browser.

Congratulations, you're done!

Applies to: Nearly all virtual machines in a vCloud Director environment.

Additional Notes: Ensure that the storage policy for all disks matches the virtual machine's storage policy. Reconfiguring this virtual machine may take a few minutes. This should not result in any downtime for end users.