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Change Storage Policy

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Background: A Virtual Machine's Storage Policy is an attribute that determines the IOPs (disk) performance and the Data Protection retention policy that the virtual machine will receive.  Storage policy also sets the per GB price of the Virtual Machine's storage allocation.  A storage policy is specified when the virtual machine is deployed.  In this article, we explain how to change/update the Storage Policy after deployment.

The Virtual Machine's Storage Policy may be changed while the Virtual Machine is powered on and while users are using the Virtual Machine.  Changing the Storage Policy is a non-invasive process, and happens nearly instantly.

If you are downgrading the Virtual Machine's Storage Policy to a lower Tier of Storage Performance (for example changing from ENTERPRISE to BUSINESS, from ENTERPRISE to BASIC, or from BUSINESS to BASIC), then the impact of the reduction in IOPs may be experienced right away.  Therefore, it may be beneficial to test the impact of downgrading a Virtual Machine's Storage Policy during non-production hours to ensure the downgraded policy does not adversely impact the Virtual Machine's Workloads.  If you are upgrading the Storage Policy to a higher tier, then these special considerations do not apply.


Navigate to the virtual machine that you wish to make changes to. Click "Details".

Under the "General" tab, navigate to "Storage Policy". From here, you can configure the storage policy of this virtual machine.

Next, expand the Hardware Tab.  Under the Hard Disk section, there is a Policy setting for each Hard Disk.  Ensure that each hard disk is set to use the "VM Default Policy."  Setting and individual Hard Disk to a policy other than the VM Default Policy is not supported.

Make sure to save your changes.

The Update Storage Policy Task may take a while to complete.  A good rule of thumb is approximately 1 minute for every 10 GB of storage allocated to the virtual machine.  So a 100 GB virtual machine will take approximately 10 minutes to complete this task.

Congratulations, you're done!

Applies to: VMware Cloud Director Virtual Machines.

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