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Overview: Blueprints enable the user to begin to configure a potential client's environment while registering an Opportunity, or create templates that can be used to expedite the blueprinting process during future opportunity registration. While creating a Blueprint, a live quotation of all line items within the deployment can be seen as cost for the reseller, and if registering an opportunity, the client's cost marked up in accordance with the applied Profit Policy as well.


To begin Blueprinting a deployment for a potential client (either from scratch, or using another Blueprint as a template) see registering an Opportunity.

To create a generalized Blueprint to use as a template for future opportunities, navigate to the 'Blueprints' dashboard and click the 'New Blueprint' tile.

Applies to: CloudConnect Partners

Additional notes: The ability to toggle markup is disabled when viewing a Blueprint made from the 'New Blueprint' tile on the Blueprints dashboard: because these Blueprints are not tied to any specific opportunity, there is no Profit Policy with which markup can be applied.

Blueprints cannot be renamed if created during opportunity registration.