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Backup Virtual Machine Data

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CloudConnect provides the backup process as a managed service for all CloudConnect workloads.  This automated process is transparent to customers and includes:

  • Scheduling one backup per virtual machine, which generally occurs every 24 hours between 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM EST.
  • Ensuring crash-consistency of backups at a minimum (Application-Consistent backups are attempted first, and if unsuccessful CloudConnect falls back to crash-consistent backups).
  • Monitoring backups to ensure successful completion and retrying upon failure.
  • Verifying the integrity of the backups created.
  • Ensuring the correct number of backups are stored in compliance with the protected virtual machine’s Retention Policy or Storage Policy.
  • Copying (replicating) the backup data off-site at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure data is not stored in a single CloudConnect site.

The cost of this CloudConnect-managed service is already included in the per gigabyte charge of a virtual machine’s allocated storage (disk size).  The number of Backups retained for a given virtual machine is determined by the Storage Policy assigned to that virtual machine, which also determines the unit price per gigabyte of the virtual machine’s disk storage.  For more information on Storage Policies, please see Change Storage Policy.  For more information on the value delivered by the CloudConnect storage pricing model, see: How many Gigabytes are you being charged for?

Applies To: All Virtual Machines on CloudConnect except EdgeGateway routers, iso images, and vApp Templates.

Additional Notes: 

Note: All virtual machines include a minimum level of data protection.  By default, CloudConnect processes a crash-consistent virtual machine backup nightly, and the seven most recent of those nightly backups are retained in the retention repository.  This ensures successful restoration of a workload provided the corruption or deletion of that workload is discovered no later than seven days after the corruption or deletion initially occurred.  Note that this data protection is an absolute minimum and is not recommended for Production Workloads.  For production workloads, CloudConnect recommends the BUSINESS or ENTERPRISE Storage Policies be applied to those virtual machines.

Note:  For application-consistent backups, ensure that VMware Tools are installed on all of your workloads.  Even when VMware Tools is installed, there are some cases where an application-consistent backup will not process successfully.  For example, this may be caused by issues related to the VSS writers or drivers in the operating system.  In many cases, Crash Consistent backups will suffice, and the risk of unsuccessful application-consistent backup is low in a healthy well-maintained operating system with a current installation of VMware Tools.  For more information contact CloudConnect Technical Support.