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Assign Users to a Citrix Server

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Background: Assign desktop access to any user in the client's Active Directory OU. This process is as straightforward as it would be in an on-premise environment, except you can access the vCloud Director management console from nearly any location to perform administrative tasks such as this. 


Navigate to the environment's Domain Controller.

Log in with Administrator Credentials.

Navigate to Active Directory Users and Computers.

Navigate to the "Clients" folder.

Select the client you'd like to add a user to.

Right click the "Desktop Access" Security Group, and select Properties.

Click the "Members" tab.

Click "Add".

Input the name of the user you're looking to give access to, and click "Check Names". The User Profile should auto-complete. Then, click OK.

Lastly, click Apply.

Applies to: CloudConnect environments that utilize Citrix Virtual Desktops.

Additional Notes: As with any administrative task, take special care to ensure that the security of your environment will not be compromised by adding a user to a Desktop Access Group, or by any other user or administrator error. If you'd like assistance, you can reach out to CloudConnect support by either submitting a support ticket on or giving us a call at (508) 651-3900.