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Background: CloudConnect offers licensing for various Microsoft applications, which, through Blueprinting, can be easily added or removed from a virtual machine to accurately calculate licensing costs for both you and your end user.


To add or remove licensing from a virtual machine, begin by clicking on the 'Applications' button on the virtual machine tile.

From here, any desired application can be added to the virtual machine by enabling the toggle that precedes it, and selecting the specific license desired from the select menu that follows it. In the example below, we'll add Office Professional Plus.

The quantity and cost of licensing added to the virtual machine will automatically be calculated and reflected in the Blueprinting screen. You can click to expand the relevant virtual machine's licensing group (in this case, 'Licensing for CPA Office - CTX1') for individual line items.

Most Microsoft licenses are sold per user, and as you can see, 3 Office Professional Plus licenses have been quoted in accordance with the 3 users that have been detailed in this virtual machine.

Applies to: CloudConnect Partners