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Add a New Disk to an Existing Virtual Machine

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Background: Adding space to a workstation is a common task. vCloud Director allows quick and effective expansion and addition of hard drive space to a virtual machine. 

Note: you can complete these steps while the virtual machine is powered on and users are using the system.


Navigate to the virtual machine that you wish to make changes to. Click "Details".

Navigate to the Hardware tab.

In the Hardware tab, navigate to "Hard Disks", and click "Edit"

From here, you can add an additional hard disk to the virtual machine.  It is important when adding the hard disk to verify that it is using the same Bus Type as any existing disk.  If there is a mismatch, you will see an error message.  Input the size you wish the hard disk to be in Gigabytes. 

Note: You cannot shrink a virtual hard drive. Keep this in mind as you plan out this virtual machine's resources.

Additionally, ensure that the Policy and BUS Type are matched across all disks.

Save your configuration.

Navigate back to the virtual machine, and click the "Actions" submenu. From here, launch either a Web Console, or a VMRC to access the virtual machine.

Navigate to Disk Management.

Initialize the new Disk.

Right click the new Disk, and select "New Simple Volume"

Proceed through the New Simple Volume Wizard.

Format and label the new Drive.

Confirm that the new Disk is successfully mounted and accessible.

Congratulations, you're done!

Applies to: Nearly all virtual machines in a vCloud Director environment

Additional Notes: You cannot shrink a virtual machine's disk volume. Keep this in mind as you lay out this virtual machine's resources.