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Add Published Desktops to an Existing Organization

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Background: The CloudConnect Platform supports the creation, publication, assignment, and brokering of virtual desktop workloads.  A virtual desktop is a desktop operating system that runs on a virtual machine.  Users connect to the virtual desktop remotely to access applications.

CloudConnect offers a wide range of Virtual Desktop Deployment Scenarios.  The CloudConnect Desktop Deployment Wizard is an automated tool, which orchestrates the initial deployment of Virtual Desktop workloads on the CloudConnect platform.  The Deployment Wizard supports the following scenarios:

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops - is a premium virtual desktop service with a high performance user experience optimized for high latency, lossy networks.  Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is the recommended option for most all deployments.  There are two sub categories, multi-session (many user to one virtual machine), enabled by the Windows Server Operating System, or dedicated (single user to one virtual machine), enabled by the Windows Desktop Operating System.  For most use cases, CloudConnect recommends multi-session for its simplified management.  Dedicated (single user) deployments may be required where a user requires enhanced graphics capability, or due to a specific application or licensing requirement.  Please note that a Windows VDA subscription license (sold separately) is required for the dedicated deployment option.
  • Windows Remote Desktop Services - is an entry level virtual desktop service providing a more economical solution in environments where users will not use the virtual desktop as their primary workspace.  For example, Windows Remote Desktop Services is ideal for accessing a single application, or for ISV hosting environments.  Windows Remote Desktop Services is not recommended for use cases where the user will use the virtual desktop as their primary workspace and need access to web browser functionality from the virtual environment.

Applies to: This section applies to setting up Published Desktops for a Private Domain deployment.  It also applies to mspCloud deployments where you need to add additional Published Desktop servers to an existing organization.  If you are setting up a new end user organization (tenant) in an mspCloud for the first time, and are deploying the first VM to host Published Desktops, see: Create Published Desktops for a New Organization (tenant).

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